National Day 2018 Special 

In conjunction with Singapore’s 53rd birthday, Dian Xiao Er is bringing a twist to everyone favourite national dish – Chilli Crab and two more exclusive dishes available from 1st Aug 2018 to 2nd Sep 2018.

Chilli Soft Shell Crab / 辣椒软壳蟹 ($28.80/$42.80/$57.60) & Mini Man Tou ($4.80/6pcs)
What’s better than celebrating Singapore’s birthday with her national dish – Chilli Soft Shell Crab! Save the hassle to de-shell and bite into crispy goodness of the succulent and generous fresh crabmeat. Pair it with our special chilli sauce, addictively good that once you start, you can’t stop. Dip our golden-brown mantou into the sweet spicy chili sauce for a complete experience!

Crispy Egg Plant w Pork Floss / 过口脆香茄子 ($8.90/$13.80/$17.80)
Accompanied with savoury pork floss, this crispy eggplant delicacy is served with chef’s specialty sauce which boosts a rich blend of flavours! This scrumptious dish is bound to whet your appetite!

Lemongrass Pudding / 香茅冻 ($5.30)
With the aroma of the lemongrass, light texture and refreshing taste, this is a dessert that bound to make you want more!

Kindly note that for all reservations would have to be made in-store. For our outlet locations, please click here.