Our Menu

New Dishes

Golden Lotus Roots
w Pumpkin

Poached Beancurd Skin w Assorted Vegetables

Prawn Balls w Chef’s Special Spices

Sauteed Crab Meat w Sponge Gourd & Homemade Tofu

Seafood Treasures Pouch w Assorted Seafood

Stir Fried Venison
w Garlic & Chive






Healthier Choice

Braised Assorted Mushroom w Broccoli

Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock

Xiao Er Fried Tofu

Stir Fried Pea Pod Tips

Herbal Roast Duck Rice

Stir Fried Seafood Bee Hoon w Fish Sauce




All-Time Favourite

Duck Roasted
with Ten Wonder Herbs

Claypot Frog Leg

Wheatgrass Tofu

Claypot Bee Hoon
w Chinese Wine

Deep Fried Kai Lan
with Floss

Silver Cod Fish
in Superior Soy Sauce

Prawn Ball with Mayo Sauce

Mini Buddha Jumps
Over The Wall

Mongolian Spare Ribs

Marmite Superior

Sesame Chicken Hunan Style

Dong Po Pork

Fragrant Nestum Prawn

Braised Assorted Mushroom
with Broccoli

JiangNan Baked King Prawns

Fish Maw with Seafood

Seafood Fried Rice with XO Sauce

Stir Fried Crocodile Meat

Braised Mushroom
in Chinese Wine

Baby Kai-Lan w
Salted Fish & Lime

Roast Lamb Meat
Grassland Style

Sweet & Sour Pork


Old-Style Steamed Fish Slices


Claypot Sea Cucumber w Shiitake Mushroom & Tendon

Sauteed String Bean w XO Sauce

Poached Spinach w Century & Salted Eggs

Seafood Combo w Assorted Vegetables

Stewed Ee-fu Noodle w Conpoy & Golden Mushroom