“Dian Xiao Er seriously sells the best roasted duck ever. I would be perfectly happy eating their roasted crispy duck every day. Granted, Chinese restaurants are, in general, not paleo friendly at all, given the amount of soya sauce and starches that go into their sauces but I found that several dishes in this restaurant fall into my “tolerable” range.”


“Partnering Health Promotion Board, Dian Xiao Er recently introduced healthier set meals as well as lower calorie dishes with the launch of HPB’s Healthier Dining Programme – debunking common conceptions that healthier dishes compromise the taste factor.”

Daniel’s Food Dairy

“When you take a bite, you would realise that the duck meat is lean but still tender, and flavoursome because it has been marinated overnight.”


“Soft and Tender, the Herbal Roast Duck exceeded our expectation and the skin was also really crispy!
The girl especially love the herbal taste of the duck. It goes really well with the rice!”

Miss Tam Chiak

“Whenever you dine at Dian Xiao Er, the first dish that comes into your mind is definitely their HERBAL DUCK which is prepared and roasted in the display kitchen daily. To infuse an exotic cacophony of flavors into the specially bred ducks, they are first marinated in a myriad of herbs and spices for hours. They are then roasted just right such that the skin is crisp to the touch and golden brown in appearance while the flesh remains tender and bursting with juicy herbal goodness.”

Make your calories count

“This was one of my favourite dishes that brought about a slightly unexpected but pleasant punch of flavours as the acidity of lime cuts through the savouriness of the dish to make it refreshing and light on one’s palate. The greens retained the desired crunch and had a nice crisp.”

I eat and eat

“The roasted duck looked ordinary but the taste was speculative, the savoring of delicate and exquisite aroma of the herb lingered tantalizingly. The herb taste is not too faint but good enough to pack the duck with the right flavour”

“At Dian Xiao Er, most of the dishes presented come with the savouring of delicate and exquisite flavours, adorned with elegance dining environment making the ensemble an ideal dining place for family, friends or even the solo. Price may be above the average but justifiable by the food quality and ambience.”

Little Tiny Sun

“The freshly-made Wheatgrass Tofu is a fusion of wheatgrass & tofu served with seafood bits & broccoli…My oh my, looks can be SO deceiving! Crispy on the outside and silky on the inside, the texture made me salivate profusely. This slab of silky green tofu served with fresh seafood is worth queuing hours for.”